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Water Damage Restoration Memphis Metro

Restoration Equipment for large Commercial jobWater damage can occur at your Memphis residential or commercial property for a number of reasons. A few common causes behind water damage are: burst pipes, roof damage, faulty appliances, malfunctioning sprinkler systems and of course, mother nature. Despite the cause behind your property’s need for water damage restoration, the team at 911 Restoration of Memphis Metro is prepared to get your property back to pre-damage condition.

There is no such thing as a “good time” to experience water damage. However, it seems that these mishaps tend to occur at the worst time possible, like right before a big holiday weekend. The water damage restoration team at 911 Restoration understands the stress this can cause. Therefore, we are available 24/7, 365 days per year to provide services when disaster strikes your property. You can expect the water damage restoration team to arrive on site within 45 minutes of the call to begin assessing the property’s damage. Once the damage has been inspected, they will decide the best course of action to take in order to properly restore your property and get it on the path to a fresh start.

When you find yourself in need of emergency water damage restoration services, call the team of experts in Memphis. The IICRC highly trained technicians have the skills, training and equipment necessary to provide restoration services and help you get your peace of mind back. Don’t let water damage fester, call our team today!

Water Damage Restoration Specialists You Can Count On

Water Damage Repair ProcessIn order to prevent fungal infestations and structural damage, it is essential to have water damage completely remediated. When water is allowed to sit, the damage can progress in ways that will require far more than water damage restoration services. Although it may seem you have the problem under control, there is often more to water damage than what meets the eye. For this reason, it is important to call the team of water damage restoration experts at 911 Restoration to ensure that the water has been extracted and no other damage has occurred.

Our team of water damage restoration experts aim to provide the highest level of restoration services in the industry. In order to exceed expectations, we offer benefits like:

  • Free visual inspections for property owners only
  • water damage restoration team
  • Emergency boarding up of commercial and residential properties
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Testing and evaluating structural damage caused by water damage
  • Burst pipe emergency repair and cleanup
  • Emergency water extraction
  • Free insurance consultation
  • A team that cares and understands your needs during this stressful time

Memphis residents can have peace of mind knowing that when a water damage issue strikes their residential or commercial property, there is a highly trained team available 24/7 to provide complete restoration services. The team at 911 Restoration of Memphis Metro will take whatever steps necessary in order to get your property feeling brand new.

 Get the water damage restoration services you deserve by calling the Memphis team who truly cares.

Memphis Mold Removal Experts

Water damage alone is a stressful situation. When the water is allowed to sit over a few day period, you may now find yourself in need of more than just water damage restoration services. Sitting water can lead to fungal infestations in a very small amount of time. In some cases, mold growth can begin in as little as 24 hours. If you suspect that your property is in need of mold removal, call the team at 911 Restoration of Memphis Metro immediately.

A lot of people aren’t fully aware of the health risks fungal infestations can cause. Our team of mold removal experts have been highly trained to provide the safest, most effective services when these infestations occur. You can rest assured knowing that when the team of mold removal experts completes the job, it is fully taken care of. The Memphis mold removal team provides services like:

  • Black mold removal
  • Third-party laboratory mold inspection
  • Professional mold sampling
  • Structural drying and dehumidifying of the area where mold removal occurred
  • Odor removal
  • Mold decontamination
  • And more!

You can count on the water damage restoration team at 911 Restoration of Memphis Metro to handle all of your mold removal needs. The safety of those who inhabit the affected property is our number one concern. Therefore, the IICRC trained technicians will take whatever steps necessary to ensure the mold is completely extracted and any other potential threats are taken care of. When you call our team to provide restoration services, you receive more than a restored property. Our water damage restoration experts truly care and understand your needs during this stressful time.

Get on the path to peace of mind and a fresh start by calling the highly trained technicians in Memphis today!

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